3M ESPE Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS in Cartridge Delivery Adds Versatility to Imprint 4 Family

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It’s no secret that the family of 3M ESPE Imprint 4 VPS Impression Materials delivers fast and precise results, and with the latest introduction of Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS Preliminary Impression Material in cartridge delivery, dentists can now reach for a full selection of Imprint 4 materials in a variety of delivery systems, allowing them to take advantage of Imprint 4’s benefits for nearly any impression-taking procedure. “Imprint 4 Preliminary has already proven itself to be efficient and reliable, said Dr. Jeff Blank of Carolina Smile Center in Fort Mill, South Carolina. “Now, with availability in the cartridge delivery system I will have even more flexibility to quickly create great-fitting temporaries in any operatory in my practice.”

Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS impression material makes creating precise provisionals a simple process. First, the dentist captures the preliminary impression, with a setting time as short as 90 seconds using the super quick version of the material. Then, the impression is filled with 3M ESPE Protemp Plus Temporization Material and inserted in the mouth. After 5 minutes, the matrix can be removed to reveal a smooth surface that needs no polishing. Just a quick wipe with alcohol reveals the shine.

Since the Imprint 4 VPS product family was introduced in 2013, it has been receiving high praise. Imprint 4 VPS impression material received excellent ratings in Gordon J. Christensen’s Clinicians Report Vol. 6 (Nov. 2013), which stated that 96 percent of evaluators would recommend it to their colleagues. THE DENTAL ADVISOR Vol. 31, No. 01 (Jan/Feb 2014) highlighted the material as a 2014 Product Award Winner with a 5-star Editors’ Choice award and a 97 percent clinical rating. Both publications praised the material’s high marginal accuracy and fast intra-oral setting.

“The Imprint 4 family makes impression-taking super fast and super accurate,” said Dr. James Braun of Saginaw, Michigan. “It’s great to now have these reliable options for both preliminary and final impressions.”

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About the Author: Dr Johanna Rosette Po is a graduate of the University of the East College of Dentistry. In 2004, she received her doctorate degree in molecular biology from Hokkaido University, specializing in cancer research. She continues to hold practice in Manila and teaches part-time at the Cranio-Facial Foundation of the Philippines and the University of the East.

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