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SR Nexco Flask is a new type of flask with the help of which light-curing veneering composites can be pressed on dental frameworks. In order to effectively address the practical challenges of functionality, ergonomics and design, the flask has been developed in close cooperation with industry professionals.

The new flask offers the following important benefits: It allows composite materials to be efficiently and quickly pressed to dental restorations, including long-span bridges. The results are highly accurate, showing hardly any difference between the final restoration and the wax-up. Moreover, the flask is exceptionally versatile, due to the many special details incorporated into it, which allow it to be individually adjusted to the specific indication and the framework situation.

Many handy details make work easier

SR Nexco Flask is equipped with large, easy-grip screws. Unlike in most other devices of this kind, these screws are not permanently fixed. They can be inserted without any guides and therefore improve flask handling. The top part of the flask is transparent and allows light to pass through it. As a result, the light-curing composite is evenly polymerized from all sides. Apart from an additional base plate, which enables height adjustments to be made depending on the dimensions of the restoration involved, the flask also includes a separate spacer for curing smaller restorations. The spacer reduces material consumption to a minimum. Positioning pegs keep the top part of the flask in place. The notches on the sides allow the top and bottom parts to be easily separated. The openings for the injection of Transil F clear silicone are designed to accommodate the product’s mixing tips. This renders the silicone easy to handle and use in conjunction with SR Nexco Flask. Due to its excellent flow properties, Transil F completely encases the invested framework.

The new flask is an extension of the existing SR Nexco product system. It is ideally matched to the SR Nexco materials.

SR Nexco® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

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About the Author: Dr Johanna Rosette Po is a graduate of the University of the East College of Dentistry. In 2004, she received her doctorate degree in molecular biology from Hokkaido University, specializing in cancer research. She continues to hold practice in Manila and teaches part-time at the Cranio-Facial Foundation of the Philippines and the University of the East.

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