Court in Cologne issues preliminary injunction against MegaGen at the International Dental Show

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Cologne, 24 March 2017 – A German court has issued a preliminary injunction against MegaGen and its CEO, Dr Kwang Bum Park, ordering them to desist from promoting defamatory remarks about Straumann.

The remarks were published on Wednesday in an interview with ‘IDS Today’, which was distributed at the world’s largest dental trade fair, currently taking place in Cologne Germany. In the interview Dr Park made defamatory remarks concerning Straumann’s approach to ethical business, customer satisfaction, product development and patient outcomes. Failure to comply with the preliminary injunction in Germany could result in fines of up to EUR 250 000.

Marco Gadola, CEO of the Straumann Group commented: “We want to emphasize that Straumann will take strong action to protect its reputation from malicious slander that MegaGen may spread. Straumann invested in MegaGen in good faith and faithfully complied with the procedural and legal process throughout the partnership.”

The preliminary injunction is not a final ruling. It remains open whether or not the proceedings continue or MegaGen and Dr Kwang Bum Park accept the injunction as a final decision.

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