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  • T2 Turbines

    T2 Turbines

    The T2 Comfort class provides you with top quality technology for relaxed work. The titanium coated turbines lie comfortably in your hand ensure that control, boost and mini satisfy every requirement.

    T2 mini’s small head gives you a perfect view, while T2 CONTROL’s patented
    speed control enables constant and noise-free work and T2 Boost offers maximized performance – and quieter than ever.

    It has excellent grip thanks to the titanium-coated exterior sleeve; significantly more power with smaller head size; robust ceramic ball bearings; the 4-nozzle spray reduces the noise level; protective-Head-System (PHS ) with dual anti-retraction stop

  • NSK


    Lasting Power and Performance
    Every feature of the new PANA-MAX is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance vs. cost ratio, thus helping you work more efficiently and comfortably.

    Highest torque in its class
    • with Robust 16.5-watt torque, the new PANA-MAX high speed handpiece delivers the best drilling performance
    within this category. Substantially improved low noise level, together with newly designed Arc-Line Body
    promises ease of use and comfort for both patients and clinicians.

    Clean Head System
    • The patented NSK Clean Head System is a special mechanism designed to prevent air retraction, thereby preventing the entry of oral fluids,viruses, and other foreign material into the handpiece head

  • Synea Vision

    Synea Vision

    Reliable, ergonomic and outstanding quality

    The premium instrument line in the Synea series. Innovative and long service life guarantee excellent treatment results for restoration and prosthetics.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Two head sizes for individual needs
    • Optimum service life and quiet operation due to ceramic ball bearings and innovative gearing technology (WK-99 / WK-93)
    • Easy to clean, comprehensive protection and long-term value retention thanks to new surface coating
    • Excellent grip and ergonomics with optimised shank profile and monobloc design
    • Compact glass rod for outstanding illumination of the treatment site
    • Durable instrument construction with stainless-steel external parts
    • Easy change of instruments
    • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
    • 36 months warranty
  • Synea Profin

    The Profin® contra-angle

    The Profin® contra-angle handpiece was developed for application in subgingival, interdental and proximal areas, as traditional rotating instruments do not always create satisfactory results here. The oscillating stroke movements of the inserts grind, file and polish natural tooth substances and restoration materials finely, precisely and safely.

    The small head, light, single spray, monobloc design and new grip profile all make Profin the perfect partner for the following applications:

    • Safe and efficient reworking of excess filler material, cement and bonding.
    • Removes deposits and micro-organisms, particularly in tooth pockets.
    • Thorough cleaning and polishing of proximal and interdental areas, as well as subgingival surfaces
    • Fine polishing with wooden tips
    • Shaping and adjustment of papillary areas to natural tooth forms
    • Grinding of concave front tooth guiding surfaces
    • Fine processing of grooves and cavities


  • Trihawk Talon Burs

    Trihawk Talon Burs

    The Trihawk Talon Bur cuts horizontally and vertically, cuts amalgam, crowns and bridges faster. An independent study supported the performance, economy, and value of Tri Hawk’s bur, and it was the only single-use bur that rated 100 percent performance in an ADA review. The pure, high – carbon steel burs – with no chrome or nickel – are virtually unbreakable. The pure, high carbon steel burs, with no chrome or nickel are virtually unbreakable. They feature a matte-black , no glare finish, and come individually packaged in rolls of 100 aseptic packets.

    Single use burs offer an economy of time and money versus the cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing of multi-use burs, can reduce the risk of HBV and HIV. Tri-Hawk’s unique propriety rake angles produce faster, smoother, more efficient cuts. Superior cutting power means shorter preparation time and increased productivity for the dentist, and greater comfort for the patient.

  • Dentsply Endo Access bur

    Dentsply Endo Access bur

    The special diamond coating reduces gouging with its tip matching round bur sizes for initial penetration while its diamond shaft flares the pulp chamber. The cutting surface of the Endo Access Bur is 10mm. The total length is 21mm.

  • Endo Z Bur

    Endo Z Bur

    The Endo-Z’s long tapered configuration allows easy access to the canal orifices and funnel shaping of the chamber walls. It’s six specially designed tungsten-carbide spiral blades but cleanly while lifting debris coronally along it’s flutes. The non-cutting tip helps prevent damage to the chamber floor or walls. Available in one size, in FG and RA versions.

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