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  • Ceramill Zolid

    Ceramill Zolid

    With Ceramill Zolid the dental specialist Amann Girrbach succeeded in providing high-grade zirconia with aesthetically convincing translucency for non-veneered, fully anatomical restorations and veneerable frameworks as well as ensuring long-term stability. Due to its high degree of transparency, closely resembling that of a natural tooth, Ceramill Zolid stands out among other dental ceramics. Above all – Ceramill Zolid is not just a single product, but rather a complete system linking translucent zirconia, colouring liquids and stains, with the virtual articulator and DFP method which are essential components for fabricating interference-free restorations.

  • Ceramill CAD/CAM materials

    Ceramill CAD/CAM materials

    Milling in HD quality – Amann Girrbach enables the processing of CAD/CAM materials with absolutely unique precision using a new cutter and diamond trimmer for all Ceramill Motion generations and a special milling and grinding strategy, which was specially developed for these instruments. Due to the fineness of the cutters of 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm for the diamond trimmer, customised details such as occlusal surfaces and fissures can be milled or ground to a fine contour previously only attainable with porcelain veneering or a natural tooth.

    Perfect coordination of material and CAM strategy avoids overloading and consequently fracture of the instrument. The perfect interplay of hardware and software allows all Ceramill CAD/CAM materials to be processed to a degree of precision, which sets new standards.

  • IPS InLine System

    IPS InLine System

    More flexibility in the lab
    The extended product range of the IPS InLine metal-ceramic system from Ivoclar Vivadent offers dental professionals an even greater choice of application options.

    The IPS InLine System includes a manageable number of components and an extensive range of applications according to the respective prosthetic situation. The system is suitable for every processing technique – from the easy one-layer and the conventional multi-layer to the press-on-metal technique. The new IPS InLine Powder Opaquer meets this high level of flexibility as it is compatible with all system components.

    IPS InLine® is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

  • The new IPS Classic V Powder Opaquer

    The new IPS Classic V Powder Opaquer

    IPS Classic V Powder Opaquer is developed using a new production method. Users benefit from its great flexibility in application techniques as well as from a fast and efficient veneering process. These advantages are based on the very high application stability of the powder opaquer during application.

    The powder opaquer has been coordinated with fusable alloys and is suitable for the masking of alloys in the CTE range of 13.8 to 15.2 (25 to 500°C). It ensures the establishment of a reliable bond with the layering materials during the subsequent veneering procedure. The alloy frameworks can be fabricated in the casting technique, CAD/CAM technique or laser melting technique.

  • Unident group selection

    Unident group selection

    Unident S.A., whose headquarters are based in Geneva, Switzerland, was founded in 1970, and has established a global reputation, as a leader in the field of dental hygiene and disinfection products. With dedicated teams in research and development, Unident delivers cutting edge technology in a range of hygiene and disinfection products, offering unprecedented performance whilst meeting and exceeding the needs of today’s modern dental practice.
    Certified ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, Unident is committed to a voluntary approach to its environmental performance, based on three core values of its integrated management system, Quality, Safety and Environment (QSE). The Unident EcoEngage charter requires us to consider our manufacturing processes and the choice of raw materials, giving preference to those with a lesser impact on the environment and on the people who use Unident products.

  • Lay:art


    Made for artists – design for your art

    The lay:art system from Renfert comprises 8 different, high quality mixing trays and 8 individual premium line brushes, which the porcelain artists can choose from to suit their own individual style.

    The mixing trays are divided according to three different working methods favored by porcelain artists: self-humidifying trays made from porous porcelain for working comfortably with larger amounts of material, partially self-humidifying trays with high-tech moisture strips for porcelain technicians who prefer to work with smooth surfaces and manage the level of moisture within the porcelain and non self-humidifying trays made from glass and agate for individualists.The stain tray has also been further developed with special well geometry for wiping excess and for controlled dosage of stain material on the brush surface. All trays are available with an attractive and multi-functional lay:art design housing.To accompany this, the perfectly complementing brush line available in sizes 8, 6 and 4 and in the variations slim and bold. There is also a size 4 cone and size 2 build-up brush available, including an opaque and glaze brush.

    The lay:art style is the new reference in three categories: bristle quality, manufacturing technology and shape concept, with unbeatable results in terms of resilience and tip stability.
    Renfert uses only meticulously selected Kolinsky bristles, which cost three times as much as the conventional high quality Kolinsky bristles.
    The new manufacturing procedure gives this brush a unique and consistent quality, unprecedented in the field of natural bristle brushes.

  • Programat

    Programat P510

    The Programat P510 combines high-tech and modern design in a very efficient and user-friendly furnace.

    The intelligent Programat with infrared technology speeds up the firing process up to 25 per cent and enhances the firing results. The new thermal imaging camera automatically controls the pre-drying and closing process.

    The Programat P510 is operated by means of the large 7-inch color touch screen and the proven membrane-sealed keypad. In addition to the many Ivoclar Vivadent programs, which are coordinated with materials such as IPS e.max, IPS d.SIGN, IPS InLine and IPS Empress, the furnace features 500 individual programs.

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