New CLAMPS, superior quality in all details and a longer endurance to stress.

    Superior Quality Stainless Steel ensuring Long Life High Elasticity.
    Universal anchoring holes, compatible with any type of clamp forceps.
    Bevelled edges for more comfort.
    Standard finish or Satin with Anti-Reflection treatment to increase visibility and better suited for dental photography.
    Available in different types, dimensions and shapes.

    DENTAL DAMS are used in dentistry to isolate the tooth being treated in order to reduce the risks of contamination and to maintain the operative field clean, dry and protected from blood or saliva.

    • POWDER FREE: Medesy dental dams are specifically treated to reduce the content of latex protein and to minimize the risk of skin allergies.
    • Improves the visibility of the tooth under treatment reducing the risk – of accidentally cutting the patient’s tongue or lips.
    • Protects the patient’s airway from any materials which may fall into it during treatment.

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • Ortho Advanced Kit

    Ortho Advanced Kit

    The kit includes the most common basic pliers and instruments for performing an orthodontic treatment. All pliers Medesy of the Century Line, some of the main features:
    Finely manufactured through a sophisticated handcrafted BOX-JOINT system which provides higher stability to the pliers, ensures safer use, longer duration and preserves the tips perfectly aligned.

    Note the new neat Rhombus design for MEDESY’S distal ends: a lighter and thinner shape for optimal performance TC inserts on cutters and on distal ends obtained by using the most advanced electro-welding technological processes.

    A special glass-microspheres surface treatment adds an anti-glare and elegant finishing to the instrument.

    The kit includes also a ligature director, band pusher, elastic ligature applicator and a bracket tweezers all perfectly arranged in a Gammafix tray.

    Excellent for Orthodontics specialists (kit code: 1680/2)

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • microchirurgia_emoz_2

    New periodontal micro-tweezers

    The new tweezers have been conceived and realized through a cooperation with our Key Opinion Leaders, a joined widespread study on micro surgery specific requirements aimed at developing a product which could offer excellent performance as well as easy handling .
    The result a very practical instrument with remarkable features such as:

    Optimal balance between weight and sizes
    Rounded and anatomical handle allowing easy circular finger control
    First-quality surgical stainless steel selected for its elevated corrosion resistance

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • Bone Management Kit

    Bone Management Kit

    Bone Management Kit with high quality instruments of latest generation engineered for accurate and less traumatic treatment of the bone during implant surgery.

    The kit includes : double-ended Sinus Lift instruments with rounded non-perforating tips, some of them finished with a special titanium coating. Light chisels with laser made depth markings assembled on 6 Ø handles and heavier chisels on 10 mm Ø handles ensuring optimal and precise performance. The original New Medesy mallet assembled on the lathe-knurled double handle which offers a light as well as steady grip. A finely designed Bone Rongeur for trimming of fibrous tissue or small bony spicules (kit code: 1350/kit)

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • Ceramic sculpturing kit

    Ceramic sculpturing kit

    Special sets of ceramic sculpturing instruments assembled on extremely light handles, anodized in three different colours. The tips available as “flexible” or super flexible” are interchangeable according to the specific need. The tips have different shapes: gingival blade, incisor blade and knife blade (kit code: 575/SET)

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • Medesy_1671^7

    New periodontal micro-surgery kit

    Periodontology is an extremely important specialty of dentistry which encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting and surrounding tissues of the teeth or their substitutes.

    The kit is composed of the following items:

  • Titanium Scalpel Handle for micro blades
  • Molt Periosteal elevator and Periosteal HP3 both in titanium, they allow minimal traumatic detachment of the dental Papilla
  • Titanium Curved Micro tweezers excellent for meticulous suturing of the tissue.
  • Titanium Micro needle holder with smooth tips, for wires 8-0 /9-0, versatile instrument, ideal for use inside narrow interdental spaces.
  • Titanium curved micro scissors: like the needle-holder it has a very fine and precise tip for easy access in narrow areas.
  • The kit has been specifically conceived for microsurgery and includes instruments which have been developed to guarantee maximal precision and reliability.

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

  • New line of needle holders

    New line of needle holders

    Medesy new line of needle holders, a range of superior instruments specifically conceived to provide our customers and dental experts only uncompromising quality and perfection in all the details:

    • New kind of steel, whose special chemical composition makes it more suitable for medical purposes.
    • Total resistance to the aggression of oxidants.
    • New tempering process which reaches a hardness of 46-48 Rockwell degrees.
    • The TC inserts are more resistant and applied by means of a special welding which ensures a longer endurance.
    • New locking system MED-LOCK which guarantees the highest endurance and stability

    The new line of needle holders has been conceived and realized to last longer and to offer you a superior performance even after prolonged utilization.

    ( Distributor: Klickwell Dental Trading )

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