Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid

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Liquid translucency for even better aesthetics with zirconium – where and to what degree you want it.

Controlled aesthetics and by up to eight percent increased translucency without any loss of strength: The new Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid by Doceram Medical Ceramics now answers the request of many dental technicians for a highly translucent zirconium oxide with similar aesthetic properties to lithium disilicate: The novel liquid which has been specially developed for Nacera Pearl Shaded 16+2 and Pearl Multi-Shade is not just breathtakingly aesthetic, but it also shows a natural colour result. Due to its targeted applicability, its handling is particularly flexible and efficient. In addition, the mechanical strength of the material has been maintained. In short, Nacera Blue X allows you to individually increase and control the translucency of zirconium oxide without reducing its stability!

Effective to handle, selectively appliable and an attractive colour result: The new Nacera Blue X increases the translucency of Nacera Pearl zirconium oxide (3Y-TZP) by up to eight percent – in exactly the areas where dental technicians need more liveliness and light dynamics. Whether in anterior areas or at the incisal edge, the liquid can be applied individually and ensures a targeted increase of translucency. If the liquid is applied to solid-dyed zirconium oxide, it also reduces the colour saturation (chroma) – for a natural colour gradient at cusp tips and incisal edges, applied with only a brush stroke!

Translucency – highlighted with the brush

Nacera Blue X doesn’t just allow highly aesthetic restorations, but also highly stable ones: It maintains the high strength of Nacera zirconium oxide which – with a value of 1,200 MPa – is twice as strong as cubic zirconium (5Y-TZP) and four times as strong as lithium disilicate. In combination with its excellent fracture toughness of more than 9 MPam1/2, it guarantees the long-term durability of the restoration.

The handling is equally impressive: The ready-to-use liquid can easily be applied with great precision with a brush to the milled pre-sintered blanks. Due to the blue colouring, the dental technician is able to clearly see where the liquid has already been applied so that the increase of the translucency is controllable at any time. There are also cost savings because there is no need to buy additional ultra-high tempered zirconium oxide blanks.

The benefits of the new Nacera liquid are obvious: improved natural aesthetics of monolithic zirconium oxide restorations while maintaining high strength, functionality and safety!
Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid can be used both for individual teeth in the front and side tooth areas as well as for bridges made up of up to three units. The liquid is compatible with all Nacera Pearl products and is available now as a set consisting of a small bottle (content 15 ml), a Kolinsky brush and a watch glass/crystal.


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