Philippine Dental Association National Officers Prosecutes Illegal Practitioners of Do It Yourself (DIY) Braces

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Dr Malu

Dr Malu De Leon PDA Board of Trustee

Last June 22, 2015, the PDA National Officers made a courageous stand against illegal practitioners of Do-It-Yourself Braces by filing formal charges against the felons who were nabbed earlier for illegally placing orthodontic brackets on unsuspecting patients.

The menacing activities performed by these opportunistic offenders have caused great blunders on their prey, even posting advertisements on social media about their services and satisfied clients. Patients who fell victim over this tragedy have caused them the loss of their teeth and wellness that led them to seek professional treatment in private clinics.

Due to the several complaints, many were aghast of the results rendered by these felons who posed as dentists.


To heed the public’s outcry for their great misfortune over this phenomenon, the PDA finally paved the way by submitting evidences of malpractice to the Litigation Court against the offenders and its illegal activities.

“PDA Board of Trustee Dr Malu De Leon took the stand as a private complainant representing the thousands of PDA members who ardently register their desire to limit the practice of the dental profession only to those who are given the legal authority to do so thus, adding dimension to the battlefront and piercing more into the fight against that pestering problem of the Association.” Dr Arturo De Leon expresses. 

In hopes to end this predicament, the PDA seeks more support or evidences from patients who fell victim to these posers.  For more information, call the PDA Office : 02-8996332

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