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  • NextDent C&B

    NextDent C&B MFH

    NextDent C&B Micro Filled Hybrid is a biocompatible Class IIa material* developed for crowns and bridges. The balance between inorganic fillers and the resin give the material its high strength and wear resistance.
    The material is easy to finish and polish, and can be stained with all types of composite staining kits. Due to the perfect balance between opacity and translucency the printed crown blends in perfectly between the existing teeth. Available in colors BL, N1, N1.5, N2, N2.5, N3 and T1.

  • Nacera Blue X Translucent liquid

    Nacera Blue X Translucent liquid

    Increased light dynamics

    The new Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid by Doceram Medical Ceramics now answers the request of many dental technicians for a highly translucent zirconium oxide with similar aesthetic properties to lithium disilicate: The novel liquid which has been specially developed for Nacera Pearl Shaded 16+2 and Pearl Multi-Shade is not just breathtakingly aesthetic, but it also shows a natural colour result. Due to its targeted applicability, its handling is particularly flexible and efficient. In addition, the mechanical strength of the material has been maintained. In short, Nacera Blue X allows you to individually increase and control the translucency of zirconium oxide without reducing its stability.

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  • D2000


    CAD Software

    4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline
    Accuracy (ISO 12836/implant) : 5 μm / 8 μm
    Scan speed (arch): 16 sec
    Scan speed (die): 15 sec
    Scan speed (full arch impression): 65 sec
    Texture: Color
    Scanning strategy: All in one

  • Lay:art


    Made for artists – design for your art

    The lay:art system from Renfert comprises 8 different, high quality mixing trays and 8 individual premium line brushes, which the porcelain artists can choose from to suit their own individual style.

    The mixing trays are divided according to three different working methods favored by porcelain artists: self-humidifying trays made from porous porcelain for working comfortably with larger amounts of material, partially self-humidifying trays with high-tech moisture strips for porcelain technicians who prefer to work with smooth surfaces and manage the level of moisture within the porcelain and non self-humidifying trays made from glass and agate for individualists.The stain tray has also been further developed with special well geometry for wiping excess and for controlled dosage of stain material on the brush surface.

  • Construct Braided Fiber Reinforcement Ribbon


    Braided Fiber Reinforcement Ribbon

    Construct is an ultra-high strength polyethylene fibre that has been cold gas plasma-treated and is pre-silanated with unfilled resin. Unlike Connect, Construct can be handled prior to wetting the Construct fibres, allowing for easier handling – saving time and money.

  • Smoothy™


    Flameless Wax Finisher

    The Smoothy™ produces a flameless jet stream of heated air and is ideal for the final stages of wax pattern sculpturing. The Smoothy™ can also be used as a mini torch, producing a pencil-point flame with temperatures up to 1260°C. It is suitable for soldering precious metals and minor casting repairs. It is powered by standard butane fuel. Smoothy™ is supplied with one crown and bridge finishing tip.

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  • Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid

    Liquid translucency for even better aesthetics with zirconium – where and to what degree you want it. Controlled aesthetics and by up to eight percent increased translucency without any loss of strength: The new Nacera Blue X Translucent Liquid by Doceram Medical Ceramics now answers the request of many dental technicians for a highly translucent…



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